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About us: Advanced Skin and Hair, Inc.
 At Advanced Skin and Hair we're committed to providing our customers with the most potent and effective natural solutions for hair and skin issues, such as thinning hair. Based on the latest cutting-edge scientific research and medical breakthroughs, our products are designed to improve a variety of hair and skin concerns safely and effectively.
Developed by board-certified dermatologist Alex Khadavi, MD and introduced by Advanced Skin and Hair, Inc. in 1999, Revivogen® has since been recognized as a powerful solution for hair loss by medical experts and customers alike. The worldwide success of Revivogen has established Advanced Skin and Hair as an innovator in the field of hair loss and hair loss treatments.
The success of Revivogen led Dr. Khadavi to set his sights on creating a safe and effective acne solution. Based on the fact that DHT is also the main cause of acne, he created the Clearogen line of anti-acne products. This three-step system targets DHT production within the skin to effectively fight acne and prevent future breakouts without side effects

Rejuve MD Face and Eye Treatment

Rejuve MD

Our latest offering is Rejuve MD, a line of revolutionary anti-aging products that harnesses the power of growth factors to boost communication between the cells to maintain youthful and healthy skin. Other skin care products use peptides that are simply pieces of the growth factors and are not as potent and effective as the whole molecule used in Rejuve MD. DailyNews
Dr. Khadavi, MD
Board Certified Dermatologist
creator of Revivogen
"I became concerned about my own hair loss when I began balding at the age of 20. At that point, the only product available for treating hair loss in men and women was Rogaine, and both the product itself and the results left a lot to be desired. I had my own moment of enlightenment upon learning that dihydrotestorsterone, or DHT, was the key hormone responsible for the chain of events that leads to hair loss in men and women. That's when I started experimenting with pharmaceutical and natural DHT blockers, which eventually led to the development of Revivogen."