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Why Revivogen is better than Rogaine?
Dear Adila
Revivogen works by reducing DHT or DiHydroTestosterone, the root cause of hair loss. By reducing DHT, your hair follicle will grow in a healthy enviroment so that the hair itself will get converted from fine peach fuzz hairs into terminal thicker hairs. Rogaine only works to stimulate the hair follicle and once you discontinue the Rogaine you will have a dramatic shed.
Dr. Khadavi
How come will the doctor only recommends this Rogaine and Propecia and not Revivogen?
Dear Joe
Rogaine and Propecia are the only FDA approved treatments for hair loss, but Propecia and Revivogen are the only two treatments that work to reduce DHT, the cause of hair loss.
Dr. Khadavi
I am using Rogaine everyday and I would to start Revivogen as well. Can I stop using Rogaine?
Dear Mo
You can stop using Rogaine, but Revivogen is so safe to use that you can use it in conjunction with other hair care products including Rogaine. You do not need to supplement Revivogen with Rogaine as it effective by itself.
Dr. Khadavi
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